Center for Performance Psychology

Keynote Speaker Bios

Pete Kirchmer is the founder of Mindfulness Based Health Coaching, the Program Director for the UCSD Center For Mindfulness mPEAK (Mindful, Performance Enhancement, Awareness & Knowledge) program and is the developer and lead trainer for the Chopra Center Life Coaching program.

Pete specializes in coaching his clients in applying the practice of mindfulness to making healthy lifestyle changes, managing stress and improving performance in life, work and sport. Pete has completed training to teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) through the U Mass Oasis Inst., is a trained Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher, holds a BS in Exercise Physiology, and is a Certified Professional Life Coach through the Coaches Training institute, Center for Applied Positive Psychology and Wellcoaches. Additionally Pete holds certification as a STOTT Pilates Instructor and efi Sports Medicine Master Trainer.

Currently Pete has a private coaching practice with clients around the country and internationally. He's a teacher and consultant for the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, specialty presenter at Rancho La Puerta, a world class wellness resort in Tecate, Mexico and teaches mindfulness courses for UCSD, Soul of Yoga and the Encinitas Mindfulness Community.

Personally, Pete walks the talk and knows fist hand about the challenges along the path to wellness. He has successfully managed symptoms from two debilitating back injuries, balanced adrenal fatigue, overcome chronic digestive issues and maintained a thirty-pound weight loss for over two decades. Through these healing experiences, Pete has cultivated resilience in his own life and compassion for his clients who are on the same journey.

Ashley Cranney is an adjunct instructor at West Virginia University where she received her PhD in Sport and Exercise Psychology and her Master’s in Community Counseling. Previously, she attended the University of Utah where she received her Master’s in Psychosocial Aspects of Sport and the University of Idaho where she received her Bachelor’s in Psychology and her Bachelor’s in Physical Education. A child to a stay-at home mom and a harrier pilot turned orthopedic surgeon, Ashley is interested in serving a wide population of individuals looking to improve their performance in any aspect of life. Ashley has been consulting for the last nine years with a variety of clientele. She has worked with youth and high school athletes, SWAT and police officers, military veterans and active duty service members and their spouses, and community members looking to make healthier lifestyle choices. Ashley currently works with college, national, and Olympic athletes looking to improve their sport performance and quality of life.

Ashley approaches her consultations from an existential framework and gravitates towards methods consistent with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Although not a trained expert in ACT, she finds that clients get the most from their work with her when they embrace exploring a holistic methodology to performance enhancement, cultivating a willingness to endure unpleasant and painful circumstances in the pursuit of those things they value most. When she isn’t teaching undergraduate and graduate students, consulting with her clients, or researching sport deviance, Ashley likes to spend time with her husband, three kids, and two dogs around a fire pit or at a sporting event in the greater Morgantown area.

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